illustrated October



October is Inktober, a drawing challenge in which artists try to do an ink drawing every day during the month on October. For the moment, I just enjoy checking what artists manage to do during this month but one day, I will be ready to do it myself…

In my previous blog’s publication, I showed the drawings I did for the “Harry Potter” book we made for Karlijn’s wedding (see here). We of course, also dressed up nicely and went to the┬áwedding. We even┬á“almost” danced!

The last two months I have been teaching again the minor. I have to say this year the students were specially involved in the classes and I really enjoyed teaching them.

In the third week of the month we had the autumn break. We had some plans to travel here and there, but for one reason or another, we spent most of the week chilling out at home. Probably the “most adventurous” thing we did was a trip to IKEA ­čśë

Since I finally have access to courses, during the holidays I used my opportunity to start learning more about Graphic Design. It is a slow process but I am certainly learning a lot about design principles and tools.

I am very happy with the storage side table I bought in “flying tiger”. It is not only perfect for the remote controls but it is also very stylish and fits perfectly in the study┬ároom.


This month I also started doing yoga and although it is harder than I thought it would be, I am really enjoying the classes. I feel much more energetic and happy since I started them. Namaste!

Illustrated September



In September, classes started again and slowly holidays were forgotten. The weather however didn’t seem to remember that in September the autumn starts and we had two weeks with very high temperatures. In other words, we had an “indian summer” or what in some parts of Spain it is called “el veranillo de los membrillos” (something like “the quinces’ summer”). The weather was a good excuse to share some drinks with colleagues after work ­čÖé

My birthday didn’t pass┬áinadvertently and got a lot of kisses that were very welcome and┬ámade me very happy. I also got the best gift ever if only because my little girl bought it for me from her trip to Germany. It is a Snape Funko POP that I wanted to have┬ásince a long time ago. The fact that she remembered and brought it all the way from Germany made me feel really loved.

I of course received some more gifts including a pair of very cute new slippers with the shape of white foxes (I think). They are so cute that I had to buy another pair for my little one.

In September there’s also a book fair with very cheap books and stationary in my city. I go there almost religiously and tend to come back with a lot of new books and cheap craft stuff. This year however I almost came back empty handed because when I went to pay, I noticed I had lost my wallet. My husband had to come in my rescue and paid for me. And fortunately, I found my wallet the next day untouched. It seems I dropped it in the bus and someone gave it to the bus driver.

A good buy: the hand lettering book by Karin Luttenberg. It is full of inspiration and I tried to used some of it in my Illustrated September page. I hope you like it!






Patatas bravas

From the resourceful Wikipedia:┬áPatatas bravas (Spanish:┬á[pa╦łtataz ╦ł╬▓╔ża╬▓as]), also called patatas a la brava or papas bravas, is a dish native to Spain, often served as a tapa┬áin bars. It typically consists of white potatoes that have been cut into irregular shapes of about 2 centimeters, then fried in oil and served warm with a sauce such as a spicy tomato sauce or aioli.



Illustrated August

During the first three weeks of August I was on holidays. This year, they were full of chances to take second breakfasts, ice cream with coffee and tapas with my sister in “el quinto pino”.┬áI also made some crafts including dresses for the dolls with my friend M.A., binge watched the BBC series “Call the Midwife” and bought a beautiful skirt.