Digital drawing:Untitled_Artwork

And the draft version made with copic markers:



Pride & Prejudice again

Because it is still one of my favourite books.


Watercolour made during the summer break.

Illustrating January 2018

Trying to go back to my illustrated Journal (or at least trying to make small drawings from time to time) .


This year we celebrated “Reyes Magos” in Spain and as usual, it was lot’s of fun to try to get as many candies as possible.

During the Christmas break I binge-watched Kiralik Ask. A Turkish romantic series that I found by pure coincidence. How I see it, it is a mixture between Pride and Prejudice, The Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella with a touch of Pigmalion; so all my favourites troupes and stories in one. I didn’t like all story lines and some characters really got to my nerves but I really fell in love with Defne and Omer. So romantic and cute!

We had two days with red code because of the weather conditions. The first time was because of the snow and the second day because of a wind storm.

In this period of the year I love to watch BookTube and the lists of best books read in 2017. Now my list of books to read is huge!

I am still a redhead and proud of it. And I am still learning to like me just the way I am (getting there) 😉

A tribute to Halloween 1938

In the night of Halloween 1938, Orson Welles broadcasted the novel the “War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells on radio causing mass panic with listeners believing in a actual Martian alien invasion. I always start my classes on Media Psychology with this story.


Watercolor inspired by the Art of Isuri.