Blythecon Europe

For the first time in my life I went to a Blythe event. The Blythecon Europe was held in Amsterdam and my friend Shimmering Magic asked me to accompany her. There were lots of nice things to buy for our dollies and I couldn’t resist to buy a few.

My dollies were so happy with the new things I bought for them that wanted me to take a picture. And since I bought a Totoro dress for Lavender, Totoro himself also asked me to be part of it :-)… you cannot say no to such a cute monster-thingy…


Ever after high dolls!

New dolls are coming to town: The Ever After High dolls!

They are similar to Monster High dolls (both from Mattel) but, instead of monsters, they are the daughters of fairy tales characters. So far I only saw them in pictures but I think they are beautiful! What do you think?