Summer vacations part 2

In this blog entry, I will tell you a bit more about my (almost already forgotten) summer holidays. And if you want to read more about what I did this summer, find the first part here.


After the trip to Germany, we took a plain to Spain. This time, and in order to avoid the problems of a crowded and very messy airport (yes, I am speaking about Schiphol and yes, it is overcrowded and messy since they cut in personal), we decided to flight via a very small airport. In my experience, the process was not only a lot easier but people at the airport were also a lot friendlier and much more helpful than in Schiphol.

Spain was basically “hot” so I mainly used the time there to rest and recover from the hard working year. I eat lots of watermelon and had the traditional second breakfast in the terraces of my parents village.


Back at home, I used the free time to continue learning (or should I say messing?) with watercolors and reading books about visual thinking and illustration.



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