Summer vacations part 1

Now that the summer holidays are over for me, it is time to try to summarize them in my illustrated journal. This summer I visited Leipzig and Berlin; this was my first visit to Germany and I have to say that I really liked it. Even the trip was enjoyable as we travelled first class in the high speed train. It is so comfortable that even though it is a long trip, we arrived rested and fresh to our destination. We had Wifi, we read, talked, listened to music, took coffee… I even managed to do some nice sketches while watching the scenery!

I especially, and in contrast to what I expected, enjoyed Leipzig; a very nicely restored city full of nice buildings and musea. We of course visited the Bach’s museum but also Mendelssohn’s house and several historical musea including the Stasi museum. The latter, situated in real headquarters in which East German police operated during the Cold War, really impressed me. Berlin, although also a very interesting city, is so incredibly big and crowded that I felt a bit overwhelmed. Still I have to mention that the Brandenburger Tor and The Wall impressed me a lot.


In Berlin I also had the opportunity to visit a huge art supplies shop and bought a wonderful (and expensive) box of Schmincke watercolors. Finally I have professional watercolors!


You can read more of my summer adventures soon, so like they say in TV series:



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