Illustrated February 2017


I made the illustrated February in a new journal. Size wise it is a bit smaller than the previous one but taking into account I don’t have much time for drawing, this is not such a bad thing. The paper quality of this journal is also fine so, at least for the moment, I am quite happy with it.

The most important event of the month was probably the birthday of the little one (although I have to say she is not so little anymore). The  birthday celebration is still a “work in progress” because we are celebrating it at different moments with different people.

Dick Bruna, the illustrator of Nijntje died at old age. You can see his famous little rabbit sticking out her head in my illustrated page for February.

In Valentijn’s day I received one of the nicest chocolate bars I ever tried (unless you are one of these people that don’t consider white chocolate, real chocolate). Whatever it is, I really recommend it to all of you: white chocolate raspberry with crackling sugar. To celebrate this day, I also did some “lettering” with the ipad. Below you can see the result:


We enjoyed a bit of snow this month. The ice that followed the snow was not so fun though…


I added a few more items to my “Blond Amsterdam” collection. These ones are from the collection the artists created for the Eftenling. I also bought some retro cups like the ones my grandmother used to have.



The bad news is that lately my asthma is getting a bit worse, the good news is that the last days of the month are holidays for me so I have been recovering and sleeping as much as I can. It is nice and relaxing to see the rain through the window when you can rest.



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