Illustrated November

And here’s my illustrated November:


The 1st of November is All Saints and, like every year, this day reminds me the family traditions and my loved ones; the ones that are not here any more and also the ones that are far from me.

It was also the first time I got the flu shot because since last year, I am considered part of the population sensitive to the flu. A simple prevention measure that hopefully will help me with the battle against asthma and to avoid attacks as strong as the ones I suffered past winter.

Autumn has been as beautiful as always in this country. Full of warm colors and millions of leaves to play with during our evening walks.

We went to Rotterdam and as usual, came back with lots of books bought in (to my knowledge) one of the biggest book shops in this country.

November has also been an active month politically speaking. At the beginning of the month, the US chose Trump as their new president and the month finished with Castro’s death at the age of 90. The political world is changing rapidly and I imagine we are all wondering what will come up out of all these changes.

This month the world could enjoy the views of a huge full moon. At least in places in this world in which is not continuously cloudy 😉

Slowly but surely, I am following online courses in Graphic Design. This month I invested some of my free time learning about InDesign. I loved it and now my head is full of projects. In my way to learn even more about Graphic Design, yeah!



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