Illustrated July


At the beginning of the month, I applied for a new position and after some stress and hard work, I got it! 🙂

We went to celebrate it to our favorite restaurant and tried a delicious tarte tatin.

This was also the month of having to buy new electronic appliances. The dish washer and the vacuum cleaner broke with a difference of two days in between. We also bought a new food processor because we couldn’t find the blades of the old one. They of course appeared immediately after we bought the new one 😉

I finally watched the last Star Wars film. It took me some time to decide to watch it because I knew some things happened in the movie that I certainly didn’t want to happen… At the end I enjoyed it as it is very similar to the first Star Wars film, the only one I ever liked.

July 2016 was also the month of the Pokémon Go! I was surprised about the craziness around it and I still don’t get it… but this is probably due to the fact that I don’t really like games.

Holidays started; sort of as I was working in the mornings until August began. One of the first “holidays things” we did was to invite D & F to learn to cook “tortilla de patatas”. We had a wonderful evening with them!

And the very last day of the month, the new Harry Potter book was released. I of course bought it immediately to make sure I could read as soon as my real holidays started on August the 2nd.


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