Illustrated May

mayMay was a specially hard month for people affected by spring related allergies and asthma; I can only hope things will get a bit better now that we started June… I have been feeling so affected the whole month that I even prepared noodle soup and this, coming from someone that normally doesn’t enjoy soups, is a lot to say.

As it is being traditional in the last years, I saw the Eurovision Song Contest with my family. I cannot say I liked any of the songs, I actually don’t like much music, but I always enjoy to sit together with my family, vote and comment the spectacle.

And another behavioral change, I started watching a series in Netflix. Normally I really don’t like to follow series because the quality tends to get affected by the need to make as many chapters as possible and I get bored. Well, just to contradict my own decisions, I started a soap series no less: Jane the Virgin. It is so extremely cheesy that is even fun!*



And I finally bought a plastic pink flamingo! (see one of my previous post for more information about this).


* Didn’t I say to you that I get bored watching series? I actually stopped Jane the Virgin after chapter 5. Enough is enough.



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