The martian

My favorite book of this year so far is The Martian by Andy Weir (2011). The story is about astronaut Mark Watney. Mark has been abandoned in Mars after a very heavy storm and an accident that makes his crew members believe that he is dead. But Mark is not only alive, he is full of humor and ingenious ideas that help him to try to survive with the only company of a few potatoes, 70’s music that he hates with a passion and some old TV series.

How the writer manages the reader to believe that he understands all the complex scientific and engineering stuff explained in the book, is incredible. How he manages to keep you reading all these stuff for almost 400 pages laughing more often than not, almost magic.

Ridley Scott has made a film based on the book but from the trailers I’ve seen, I have the impression he didn’t manage to catch the real sphere of the book. Instead it seems he has created just another typical and unoriginal “adventure” science fiction film with all the feelings and tension that are certain not the main part of the book.

Here’s my little tribute to The Martian inspired by a poster by M. Khamis:



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