My string furniture

Perhaps you already noticed my love for the 50’s, the 60’s and some bits of the 70’s. I guess this love is partially associated with the memories I have from my grandmother’s house that was full of things that looked already old back then. One of the things I remember more fondly is the old formica cupboard that she had in the kitchen. It had a central part with glass doors and inside she had her nicest glassware. Below you can see a sketch I made of the cupboard:

My grandmother’s cupboard (missing the top part because I forgot to draw it)

Also, in this blog entry you can read a bit more about it.

The truth is that I have been trying to find something similar since years but with no big success. I actually saw once a similar model but it wasn’t for sale.

Picture taken from the window

I finally found something I liked; it is not exactly the same style but it has a similar vibe and I think it fits better in my living room. I found the Swedish string® shelf system. And there’s probably a reason why I like it: it was actually designed in 1949! Well, my model dates from 1953 but still…


And here is mine! I still have to put my grandmother’s 70’s clock nearby but doesn’t it loook gorgeus?

My string furniture, my Wassily chair and my Kartell Kompobinibili

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