My Ikea Sketchbook

One month ago I started using ” real” watercolors and since then, I wanted to buy a new sketchbook specially for them. I already have an, almost finished, “Moleskine watercolor notebook” filled in with drawings made with acrylic paint and watercolor pencils. This specific model of moleskine has nice thick paper (200 grs.) that is perfect but it is also rather expensive. It is also difficult to find around here since art supplies in my city seem to have some emotional problem with this specific brand.

Last week I went to a big art supply shop but they didn’t have sketchbooks specifically for watercolors. Adventurous as I am sometimes, I decided to buy one sketchbook with the thickest paper they had (probably 120 grs.). Unfortunately the paper couldn’t stand water so well and I wasn’t happy with the results.

Markers and watercolors bleed quite fast in this paper :-(
Markers and watercolors bleed quite fast in this paper 😦

Yesterday at Ikea I saw that now they have a stationary section. Again following my adventurous side, I bought one of their notebooks. Since the paper was even thinner (80 grs.), I didn’t expect it to work. Well, I was wrong, it stands water and markers a lot better than the one that I bought in the art shop. Taking into account it also was 4 times cheaper, I think I am coming back to buy a few more!

The first page
The first page
The covers are also super funky!

I also bought a yellow chair but that’s another story.


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