Radical Wellness

I decided to participate in the new online class of Tamara Laporte: Radical Wellness. The idea of the course is to improve our (not-always-so)healthy habits trough art, group support and much more…The idea of including art in the formula sounded fun to me so I decided to participate. In general, my eating habits are (almost)healthy but the last months I have been (happily) busy and as a consequence, I didn’t have much physical activity, I ate less vegetables and I also started snacking more than usual. Well, I certainly want to change this!

Any way, for the course we need a new art journal and to print the workbook Tamara made for the course. The book is beautifully designed and contains tons of activities that will help us to reach our “healthy” goals. The only problem is that it has more than 100 pages and my poor printer complained trying to print so many colorful pages… So I decided to reduce the page size in half and like this, 4 pages fit into one sheet of paper…

The other thing I decided was to start immediately with my new art journal. So I draw my version of some of Tamara’s girls from the workbook and made some pockets to fit the pages of the workbook. One pocket per week!

And this is what I have so far! I hope you enjoy it!



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