Saturday at Ikea




6 Replies to “Saturday at Ikea”

  1. Cosas (if that’s your name and if not, sorry!),
    I enjoy seeing the many, different things you enjoy….retro, IKEA, architecture even the funky paper towel holder in the kitchen! The best part of blogging is to travel into other worlds without even leaving my chair. Your illustrations are beautiful illustrations too.
    [I found you through Afternoon Artist. I’m not an artist – looking at artwork/illustrations makes me happy :D]

    1. Thank you very much Radhika! I am glad you enjoy things I also enjoy. Do you know one thing? Sometimes I feel a bit weird because people around me have other tastes and think I am kitsch (which I am). It is nice to find people that get happy with the things that also make me happy.

      And a BIG thank you for liking my illustrations. I also do them because they make me happy! and I am even more happy knowing you also do.

      ps. how many times did I write happy in this post? 🙂

      1. I know exactly how you feel – my tastes are similar to yours + kitschy too. I love mid-century homes too – they ‘feel’ like home even without trying. So glad to meet you, Cosas… 🙂 Your other blogs are nice too but I’m not fluent. 😦 P.S: Your friend, hadadelinvierno also has a lovely blog. Wish WP had a translate feature.

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