For me it all started with The Jetsons

My love for the Atomic Age started with the Jetsons, a family that lives in a futuristic utopia in which cars can fly and the nanny is a robot. This movement was inspired by the surge of new technologies after the Second World War and artists, science fiction writers, film makers, architects, etc. started envisioning the near future of the 21st century.

Nowadays the designs look more retro than futuristic (although I don’t know of any family that owns a nanny robot and cars still keep their wheels on the road)… But retro or not, I love the style and I would like just to show to you some of the drawings and ads that really inspire me.

Let’s start with some Motorola ads from 1961:


And of course some cars:




A spaceman fromTomorrowland by Kidney and Daily:


And for the fun, some things from our present made to look retro futuristic:



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