This week I liked the Mid-Century Modernism

First my summary of the things I liked this week:

My collage of the things I liked

Mid-Century modernism referst to the architecture, interior, product and graphic design from the mid-20th century. Names such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier, and movements such as the Bauhaus, the Arts and Crafts and the Scandinavian Design jump to my mind when I think about Mid-Century Modern. But let’s just see some nice designs from (or based in) this movement.

And I would like to start with the fabulous house in the header design of the Mid-Century Living’s blog:


And what about the house of The Incredibles? I would just love to live in this house!


Dinette from 1953:


A lovely dressoir with a doll house! I want it!


And the perfect plates:


Lucullus Range Egg Baker:



One Reply to “This week I liked the Mid-Century Modernism”

  1. Todas estas cosas me recuerdan a la decoracion de la casa de mi madre cuando yo era pequeña.Las sillas del comedor son casi como las que teniamos,y el mueble,tambien.
    El color de la vajilla,precioso¡¡

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