Customizing Blythes: my first steps

As crazy as it might sound, I finally dared to customize my dolls.

I started by redoing Angelica’s lips because I didn’t like the pink pale colour she had. I am really happy with the change and I think the new color suits her better:

Also blogged here

Then I finally dared to open a Blythe. It was really scary because you really need to use rude force to open her. This is how it looks inside:

Working on the face plate:

Now mango is sand matted, with new lips, new freckles and very subtle pink make-up… I think I need to give her a bit of more color in her cheeks…

Also blogged here.

And today was the turn of Milly. When she arrived home she was already a custom girl but I found the eye shadow to strong to my taste. Now she has new lips and new eye shadows, I also customised  her nose and chin a bit. I think she looks a lot sweeter now. Do you like the changes?

Also blogged here.

I think I’ve got the customizing bug!


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