Decoration blogs I love

Today I would like to show you three decoration blogs I follow. I am not really good at decorating (a friend of mine says my style is a mixture between Design and Disney…) but I admire people who can and, the women of these blogs, are definitively able to do such thing… I love the colors, the unconventionality and the nice pictures they make! (by the way, to learn to make good pictures is in my “list of things to learn”). Their blogs are a pleasure to look at and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do so here they are:

I just discovered Planet Fur by Marlous. She is not only able to make the most funny felt animals but the way she decorates her home is just fascinating. I know I have been refusing for years to put any wallpaper in my house, but when I saw Marlous’ workroom I just felt in love with her wallpaper…

Zilverblauw by Anki is another blog I love. The colours and the style of her house are just wonderful!

And finally, Danielle Thomson has the most fabulous vintage home.

Who knows, perhaps one day I will be able to learn from them and then, I will also show you pictures of my house!


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