Monster High customs dolls

My friend “La Prima” and I can spend a whole quiet Sunday dressing dolls but we don’t always like the same type of dolls. And this is certainly true in the case of the Monster High dolls; I think they are fantastic and she doesn’t… Today I want to show to her some impressive customs made with Monster High dolls. She will probably find them still too thin and mangaesque but I am sure she will appreciate the nice work made in them.

Frankie Stein is my favourite and these are Circus Freaky Frankie and Sweet Frankie both customs made by Clockwork Angel:

Also made from Frankie is this Sleeping Beauty by Kamarza:

Kamarza has also nice customs of Cleo de Nile:

From Draculaura I think the custom made by Alicja Occhivetro is really special (on the top right side). Below, the custom by Kamarza makes me always laugh:

And these are customs of Lagoona Blue. The one on top is made by Kerrimaknolli and the one at the bottom is by Dollicious Customs:

I really feel like taking and old doll and start customizing myself… it will take some (hundreds of) disasters before I can manage something like this:

Snowflake by Kamarza

This post is also blogged at my blog with dolls.


4 Replies to “Monster High customs dolls”

  1. Tengo que reconocer el mérito de las transformaciones. Son sin duda artisticas y el resultado en algunas es espectacular. Las fotos son de concurso, desde luego.

    Pero creo que transforman a la muñeca en una maniquí chiquita y yo, personalmente, dejo de verla como “una keka”.

    Pero eso no quita para que yo esté deseando ver tus creaciones.

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