The paella is a rice dish considered to be the most typical Spanish dish. According to the “know all” Wikipedia, the paella (Valencian: [paˈeʎa], Spanish: [paˈeʎa]) originated in the mid-19th century in Valencia (Spain) in the region of the Albufera, a lake surrounded by rice fields. There are several versions of this dish such as the seafood paella and the mixed paella with meat, vegetables and fish.

To make a good paella is not an easy task and people like my mother, able to cook a good one, get some fame and respect in their neighbourhoods. Since it takes some time to prepare one, traditionally is cooked on Sundays. I still remember, friends came to visit me on Sundays just to be able to eat my mother’s paella… Now it’s me the one that, whenever go to visit, ask her to cook paella…

My drawing, actually made in 2009, is inspired by an old cookbook.

And now, can you guess which one is the real one?


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