Pride and Prejudice

I have several books among my favourites but the only one I restarted reading just after I finished it, is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I think it is due to several factors. First of all, because the history flows smoothly from page one to the end. Second, although the events of the book happen in the constrained British society of the 19th century, and the situations might seem outdated, they are written so brilliantly it is easy to put yourself in the situation and understand the reactions of the characters in the book. Especially the ones of its main character, Lizzy Bennet, a girl that could move to our time without behaving awkwardly. And of course, the fact that it is a romantic book is always a plus in my heart.

And with background:


5 Replies to “Pride and Prejudice”

  1. Jane Austin: una de mis preferidas…Pride and prejudice y Persuasion…
    y junto con estos Jane Eyre de la Bronte….no puedo pedir mas.

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