I was born in France

I was born in France and yet I wasn’t French. Then we moved to Spain, my parents’ land, and there they saw me as the French one. Six years in the North of Spain weren’t enough to make me one of them, and yet when we moved to the South, they treated me as the Northern one.

Wherever I was, I wasn’t like them and I wasn’t home…

And one day, I found home in a country where I hardly can speak the language or understand these implicit norms of the culture. But yet I found that home has always been there because where my heart is, that is where want to be.


2 Replies to “I was born in France”

  1. Beautiful words… so deep and so true…
    Kisses from another world citizen also lost in many countries (for I was also born and raised in one land where I really never belonged to, in love with another colder country… far away and finally living in an truly “exotic” one!).

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