Thank you Regina <3<3<#

I met Regina (in reality she has a more complex name that I cannot possibly pronounce) almost two years ago.

Well, we actually have never met in the physical world but in the mysterious hyperspace. After years hiding in my drawing paper, I finally decided to do an online art course. And, since it was my first art course ever, I was scared I would not be able to follow the course properly. But I got lucky for three reasons. First of all, I couldn’t have chosen better than I did; Tamara Laporte, is a wonderful teacher that makes easy the impossible and is so supportive and motivating that makes all fears to dissolve. Second, the connection between students was more than supportive, it was magic and everyday there were warm friendly emails to make me smile, support me and give me company.

And third, I met Regina: my very first on-line friend! There she was, the girl with the beautiful smile and colourful drawings always ready to spread affection and happiness to the rest of the group. The truth is that she has been always able to weak up my sunny side. And very important, she taught me how to send hearts with “3>” (never mind I always manage to do something wrong when I try…). I have seen the changes she has made in the last years and I admire the way she has been fighting in the difficult side of life to get a better one. Yes, I have seen her raising and teaching a lot of us how to do it. And she never forgets me and sends me knock-knock emails to let me know she is there also for me. She is beautiful and I just love her for being there giving me another reason to be grateful…And for all of this, and a lot of other good things: thank you Regina! Muacs!!!


2 Replies to “Thank you Regina <3<3<#”

  1. aaaaaaawwwwwwww !!! Mari !!!! my sweet sweet friend !! So glad we met and for this beautiful blog post just for me 😀 Such a beautiful and sweet lady you are !!! I send you gigantic hugs & endless kisses !!!

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