Willowing Tam

From Tamara Laporte, or Willowing (http://willowing.ning.com), I have not only learned what to do with a pencil and paint, I have also learned a lot about kindness and compassion. She is a wonderful person, artist and (online) teacher that makes you feel as a friend and I feel very fortunate I met her and all the fantastic art community she has created.

The last months I have been living with pain and, even though I have decided I will continue smiling and feeling fortunate with my life, there are moments in which I get a bit sad for not being even able to do a normal walk still… Yesterday I had one of these moments and then, I saw one of Tam’s drawings and I felt it expressed my feelings at the moment, so I took my paper and my pencils and draw a similar girl… In the process I forgot my sadness and also a bit of the pain. So here it is, my version of a Willowing girl.

De Tamara Laporte, or Willowing (http://willowing.ning.com) he aprendido todo lo que sé hacer con un pincel. También he aprendido un poco más acerca de el poder de la amabilidad y la compasión… Tam me gusta como persona, como artista y como profesora virtual.

Durante estos meses de dolor, y aunque he decidido mantener la sonrisa y no olvidar todas las personas cosas buenas que me rodean, hay momentos en que me desespera no poder dar ni un paseillo por la calle. Ayer, en uno de esos momentos vi un dibujo de Tam que representaba mis sentimientos y me puse a dibujar algo similar… durante el proceso se me olvidó mi penilla y fue también una gran ayuda para olvidarme un poco del dolor…


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