Yes, I like dolls!

Painting is not my only hobby; I also like reading, decorating (mainly looking at decoration magazines and dreaming) and dolls. Yes, I like dolls and, to the big surprise of my family and friends, I will probably always do.

That I liked dolls being a child was ok and like most Spanish girls of my time, I owned a Nancy by Famosa, probably the most famous Spanish doll of the 70’s and the 80’s. The surprise came when, once I grow up, I didn’t stop liking dolls. Try to understand the context: we are a modest, traditional family from a modest village in the South of Spain. So following the tradition, on the day of my 14th birthday, my mother, instead of a buying me a doll as she always did, gave me some nice sheets, in order to save them for my hopefully future marriage. To her surprise, I started crying feeling that this was the end of my childhood. Wisely, she said: ‘from now on, I will continue giving you dolls until you ask me to stop’. And I love her for this decision even though this meant I had to buy my own sheets…

One year later, I asked my grandmother to buy my first Barbie Malibu. This is the only Barbie I got in years.

But of course, being an adult I didn’t buy a doll for myself. That is until I knew I was pregnant with a baby girl. I ran to the toyshop to check all the dolls around and discovered the My Scene, the Bratz… I was in paradise and with the best of all excuses to be able to buy them. One of my most beloved dolls was actually a cheap imitation of a Barbie I bought for my daughter to play with. We called her Harry Potter (go figure).

And then I discovered that Blythes and Pullips and other collectible dolls existed! During years I saw them in pictures in the internet but I didn’t dare to buy them. One thing is to like dolls and another one is to spend a lot of money on them when real life keeps being expensive. But then Pullip Sabrina appeared in the market in a moment in which I needed some attention and affection. I have to add the old Sabrina movie from 1954 is my favourite one so I couldn’t avoid falling in love with the doll. The next step was to buy a Blythe. This one was more difficult to get because people around me think she is not a nice doll. Luckily my daughter understands my passion (although we don’t always agree when choosing the nicest doll in the market).

Dibujar no es el único hobby que tengo, también me gusta leer, decorar (bueno más bien mirar las revistas de decoración) y las muñecas. Sí, me siguen gustando las muñecas y mucho. Podeis leer más del tema en:

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