Marcel and the Herring

A Dutch tradition says that herring tastes best if eaten raw (I think by the looks of it), with onions and in the way depicted in the drawing below. I am not Dutch nor I ever tried to eat it this way so I cannot tell for sure but by the reaction my friend Marcel had when he saw the drawing, I take it is a real delicatessen. He felt so emotional, hungry and identified that I decided to dedicate the drawing to him.

Marcel en de Haring

Una tradición holandesa dice que la mejor manera de comerse un arenque es crudo, con cebollillas y tal y cómo se muestra en el dibujo. No soy holandesa, ni nunca me he comido un arenque de esta manera, pero por la reacción que mi amigo Marcel tuvo al ver el dibujo, me imagino que es una delicatessen. Se emocionó tanto, le dió tanta hambre y se sintió tan idenficado con el dibujo que he decidido dedicárselo a él.

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One Reply to “Marcel and the Herring”

  1. This fine work of art depicts, in a pleasantly colourful style, a contemporary presentation of an old Dutch tradition. As we can see in Pieter Claesz’s well-known painting “Still life with a herring” (1636), a typical Golden Age meal in the Low Countries consisted of beer, bread and herring. To preserve the precious sea food, the Dutch introduced already in the 14th century a process called “kaken”: the freshly caught fish is cut at sea and salted. Prepared this way, a “zoute haring” can be comfortably consumed with chopped onion and pickles in the typical pose portrayed here.

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