Being in an art Journey

If only five years ago, somebody would have told me that I would be interested in art, drawing and painting, I would have been the first one surprised. I don’t think as a child I was especially interested in pencils nor good with them. I could copy more or less and I liked to add strong primary colours but that was about it.

And then, only five years ago, in a sleepless night of winter I decided to take the cheap paints of my daughter and started copying a nice drawing I found in some advertisement. It wasn’t just any drawing, it was one that had specially catch my attention for its simplicity and yet effectiveness. The authors were two Dutch women and their brand name ‘Blond Amsterdam’. These two women were just painting in the style I would have done in my childhood but with the knowledge of real artists. Their drawings just spoke loudly to me and I am a bit sorry I started by copying their art but the pleasure it gave me, opened a complete new world to me. Any way girls, I bought from you most of the plates and cups I have at home!

My first drawing, currently in the kitchen of one of my best friends.

The main goal of this blog is to travel through my time travelling in the world of my art.

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Si hace cinco años alguien me hubiese dicho que iba a interesarme en la pintura, no me lo habría creído. Cuando era pequeña, ni estaba especialmente interesada en dibujar ni era buena. Me gustaban los colores chillones y podía copiar más o menos, pero nada del otro jueves, la verdad.

Y entonces, pues eso, hace unos cinco años, en una noche de imsomnio de invierno, cogí las pinturas de mi hija y empecé a copiar un dibujo que había visto en un anuncio. El dibujo era de Blond Amsterdam, la marca de dos artistas holandesas. Su estilo, rallando en lo infantil, me encantó. Siento haberme copiado un poco, pero la verdad es que no se pueden quejar porque siempre que puedo me compró alguna cosa suya y no son nada baratas, os lo aseguro.


2 Replies to “Being in an art Journey”

  1. Go on, who knows where you will be in another five years.

    Venga niña. Cinco añitos más, y te envidiaré el proprio Klimt.

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