Finally Flamingo

As I already explained once in my Spanish blog, I always wanted to have one of these garden pink flamingos that I sometimes see in American films. I know they are considered by most kitsch but I don’t really care, I like their vibrant colors and elegant shapes. And if I am kitsch, so be it.

According to Wikipedia, the garden flamingo was designed by Don Feartherstone in 1957 and from the beginning, it was considered a “not so nice”adornment. Actually, it seems people frequently don’t buy them for themselves but to put them at night in the gardens of “friends” and neighbors so people can laugh at them the morning after. They are considered so ridiculous that in 1996 they won the Ig Nobel Prize for the art. For the ones that don’t know what these are, they are prizes given to the most absurd discoveries, research and creations (go and check them, some of them are really incredible).

But as I already told you, I don’t really care and today I bought my Flamingo watering can in the shape of a pink flamingo against the (perhaps better) judgement of my family. I also bought some cups for ice cream and fruit but they didn’t complain about those.



ilustrated April

It feels like April started a few days ago and suddenly we are halfway into May… Anyway, April was full of beautiful blossoming trees, nice walks after dinner and of course, work that never seems to reach an end. The good news is that I felt as I finally reached a learning milestone and I am taking decisions in my work with a lot more confidence than a few months ago.


Beauty and the Beast

The Disney film of the Beauty and the Beast (1991) is until now my favorite Disney film with Princesses*. I think it is because Belle starts by being just a normal and intelligent girl than has different ambitious than other inhabitants in her village. I kind of feel identified with her story and with the fact that she loves books.

In 1994 I bought my Beauty and the Beast tea set in Disneyland Paris and since then I have been collecting nice things related to the film.


* My very first favorite Disney film is however The Incredibles (2004)


I don’t drink wine but who can resist a bottle of wine called “slurp”?


I am using it for cooking and it is actually good!

Illustrated February




February was definitively a very stressful month with mountains of decisions and work to do. Fortunately, little by little things started to get in shape and the end of the month was a bit lighter.




February is the month of San Blas, the Saint Patron of my family’s village. Once more I wasn’t there to enjoy the festivity but my heart was.


We also celebrated a very special birthday in a manga convention and it was a lot of fun!

Deviled Eggs

eggs2eggsI prepared deviled eggs for Easter:  You mix the yolk of the hard boiled eggs with a bit of mayonnaise and salt. Then you fill in again the eggs with the mix, add some cayenne pepper on top and voilà!

They are ok but since I don’t really like mayonnaise, they felt a bit heavy. Next time I will try to use guacamole instead.

Illustrated January


I ended 2015 sick. I couldn’t stop coughing and was getting weaker as time passed. The day I started to feel better, I decided to walk a bit in the city. I was in a shop when I suddenly couldn’t breath any more and, for a moment or two, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it… Long story told short, including a taxi running red lights, I ended up in hospital with an oxygen mask. Several tests after showed I have asthma. The medication immediately helped and even though, it isn’t a big deal, it is taking some time to come to terms with it.

This winter hasn’t been very cold so the few days we had a bit of snow, I was happy to see it.

As soon as I recovered I went back to work. We had just moved to a new building with only open free unassigned spaces to work on. It is taking some time to get used to the new situation at work.

The death of Alan Rickman made me a bit sad. I am not much of a fan girl but he was one of my favorite actors and not only for his wonderful impersonation of Snape.

The first book I read this year was “Station Eleven” by  Emily St. John Mandel and even though there were moments in which I didn’t know where the book was aiming at, I ended up loving it. So far it is still my favorite book of the year.

Another thing I am enjoying at the moment is my LAMY fountain pen. It writes so smoothly that I feel encouraged to try to write better when I use it.