Ink, watercolors and houses

I am still enjoying the process of learning to work with watercolors and ink. Today I painted 2 little houses. The paper from the sketchbook I am using is not perfect for watercolors but I still like how they turned out:


based on a drawing from Areaneta

based on a drawing from Areaneta


The 2nd sketch

As I explained in the previous post, I am drawing a cowboy for a short film. I am trying to make my cowboy to look similar to the person that asked me to do it and I kind of succeeded ;-)

cowboy2In the set*: 3d_western_scene___complete___right_camera_by_jeffreymartin-d5yu5ab* actually, I found the background on DeviantArt but I cannot find the source anymore.

A day in the countryside

I am not a fun of the countryside but drawing it, is ok. In my opinion, the best way to enjoy the countryside without side effects ;-)

campo2 Watercolor based on a drawing by Ramón Plá but with my style.

The sound of music

The sound of music is one of these films that always manages to put a smile on me.


This drawing is based on a digital version made by Vijolea (you can find her art at DeviantArt). Mine is done with watercolors and below you can see a bit of the drawing process:

som1 som2