A retro-nostalgic mood board

So here’s the thing, I am always thinking about how to redecorate my house. I like to change things around, add new holes to the walls to put paintings as crooked as a human being possibly can, and from time to time, to buy nice furniture. But buying is not always easy as my taste tends to be retro-nostalgic.

The last treasure at home is my new cupboard (I already showed it to you here) but today I only want to show you the mood board I made when I was searching for a nice cupboard.



Illustrated May

mayMay was a specially hard month for people affected by spring related allergies and asthma; I can only hope things will get a bit better now that we started June… I have been feeling so affected the whole month that I even prepared noodle soup and this, coming from someone that normally doesn’t enjoy soups, is a lot to say.

As it is being traditional in the last years, I saw the Eurovision Song Contest with my family. I cannot say I liked any of the songs, I actually don’t like much music, but I always enjoy to sit together with my family, vote and comment the spectacle.

And another behavioral change, I started watching a series in Netflix. Normally I really don’t like to follow series because the quality tends to get affected by the need to make as many chapters as possible and I get bored. Well, just to contradict my own decisions, I started a soap series no less: Jane the Virgin. It is so extremely cheesy that is even fun!*



And I finally bought a plastic pink flamingo! (see one of my previous post for more information about this).


* Didn’t I say to you that I get bored watching series? I actually stopped Jane the Virgin after chapter 5. Enough is enough.


Finally Flamingo

As I already explained once in my Spanish blog, I always wanted to have one of these garden pink flamingos that I sometimes see in American films. I know they are considered by most kitsch but I don’t really care, I like their vibrant colors and elegant shapes. And if I am kitsch, so be it.

According to Wikipedia, the garden flamingo was designed by Don Feartherstone in 1957 and from the beginning, it was considered a “not so nice”adornment. Actually, it seems people frequently don’t buy them for themselves but to put them at night in the gardens of “friends” and neighbors so people can laugh at them the morning after. They are considered so ridiculous that in 1996 they won the Ig Nobel Prize for the art. For the ones that don’t know what these are, they are prizes given to the most absurd discoveries, research and creations (go and check them, some of them are really incredible).

But as I already told you, I don’t really care and today I bought my Flamingo watering can in the shape of a pink flamingo against the (perhaps better) judgement of my family. I also bought some cups for ice cream and fruit but they didn’t complain about those.