Japanese candy kits

A few days ago I bought two Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kits and I think they really look beautiful. I however, have a two problems with these kits. The first problem I have is that I need a microwave to prepare them and I don’t have one. The second problem is that I don’t really read japanese and I will have to “guess” the instructions so wish me luck ;-)

chuchesAny way, in the mean time, I am enjoying the colorful the packaging.

Nice package

I hope the chocolate topping that is inside tastes nice but actually, I bought this box because I loved the package ;-). Do you also like it? and what about my new tablecloth?

By the way, you can find the topping in Tiger stores.


The retro-nostalgic style

Last Saturday I bought a small tray for the remote controls that seems to be heavily disliked by my whole family :-)


bandeja1If I’m completely honest, I can see why they don’t like it. If I only consider the aesthetic dimension, I also have difficulties appreciating its beauty. But it is the nostalgic factor the one that drove me to buy it. My parents had a tapestry with a similar scene in our living room during years and I grow up looking at it and inventing fairy tales happening in a magic forest. Actually, I am starting to suspect that this one, the retro-nostalgic style, is the one that best defines mine.